Week 51 News 17-23rd December 2015
News 23rd December 2015
On Wednesday Liz Hills took to the road and completed 17 very muddy miles from Keighley to Bramley in Yorkshire for stage 357.
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News 22nd December 2015
Anne Hunt was in the saddle for 15 mile Billie-no-Mates Christmas break around the Hertfordhsire villages on Tuesday for stage 356.
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News 21st December 2015
Ann Howe was out again on Monday for a wet and windy 21 mile ride from Rippon to Ripley in Yorkshire, Sarah Smith rode 16 miles around Watford and Chipperfieldand Liz Hills rode a 32 mile very wet "Christine Bell pointless loop" around Ilkley and Otley all for stage 355.
Here is Ann's report I cycled a circular route starting at Ripley Castle and headed towards Fountains Abbey, a local National Trust property. Here we had a delightful ride through Studley Royal Park and were thrilled to see a large herd of deer including a couple of stags sporting very fine antlers. (Studley Royal Park, including Fountains Abbey is a designated World Heritage Site) At this point though, the rain was pelting down so I didn't stop to take any photos! Our route then took us to the lovely North Yorkshire cathedral city of Ripon, passing the beautiful church on our way in. We had a much needed coffee stop here to escape the rain for a while. It was still raining when we returned to our bikes and we just got wetter and wetter as we headed back to Ripley! However, all 5 of us agreed that riding in the rain, well wrappped up, was still better than staying home! And much better than ironing, which was the other item on my 'to do' list today!
Here is Sarah's report Not having time to plan another Christmas Strava masterpiece!!!.… I went out for a quick ride round one of my favourite local loops from Watford up to Chipperfield and a bit beyond so I could return along the appropriately festive named Holy Hedges Lane. Manage to get back home before the rain… total distance 16 miles.
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News 20th December 2015
The Otley Cycling Club ladies comprising Ann Howe, Christine Thwaite, Kerri Holmes, Ruth Swanwick, Lorraine Ambler, Liz Hills and Lisa Taylor were in the saddle on Sunday for a 22 mile ride in the Yorkshire Hills, Lesley Keddy was out for a 35 mile ride around the Hertfordshire Villages and Katie Kingdom led a 12 strong Breeze ride to the Blackmore tea rooms in Essex for stage 354.
Here is Ann's report What a wonderful day to be cycling - a lovely sunny December ride. I went out with Otley Cycle club and as there happened to be a few ladies in my particular group, and many of them had done earlier Billie tribute rides, I asked them all if they would like to dedicate their ride today to Billie. It was met with enthusiastic agreement so I am very pleased to tell you that 7 of us completed 22 miles each (and a few hills!) in honour of Billie in beautiful sunny Yorkshire. Our group was me (Ann Howe), Christine Thwaite, Kerri Holmes, Ruth Swanwick, Lorraine Ambler, Liz Hills, Lisa Taylor. I have attached a photo showing our happy smiling faces! Billie was right - it makes you feel so good!
Here is Lesley's report My last solo ride as a tribute to Billie. so sad it is coming to an end. Will see you all on the 31st at Regent's Park. Took in quite a few "Billie Towns" on this one - Rickmansworth, Chesham, Chorleywood, Bovingdon, Chipperfield.
Here is Katie's report My final ride for Billie today. 12 riders took a pretty route to the Blackmore Tea Rooms. So pleased to manage to get so many ladies for the last ride.
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News 19th December 2015
There's no stopping Dee Wilkinson now! Out on her bike for the fifth time in a week on Saturday for another tribute ride of 34 miles to see Santa Claus in Long Marston Bedfordshire for stage 353.
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News 18th December 2015
Janet Davidson took to the roads on Friday riding a 26 mile circuit from Wilmslow to Goostrey in Cheshire, Dee Wilkinson and Pam Calvert went out for an 18 mile frolic around Bedforshire and Ann Howe did a 24 mile Christmas card delivery trip around Leeds and Bradford Airport, all for stage 352.
Here is Janet's report This morning it looked like there was going to be a short period of time when it wasn't raining and the roads were dry, so this was a cycling moment that couldn't be missed. Also, last weekend some kind friends gave me winter gloves and socks as a present, and I wanted to road test them. Everyone knows that it is currently unseasonably warm, so I doubted whether I needed winter gloves and socks, but I was going to try them anyway. Temperature was 10C when I set off. I went on quiet local roads, with the turning point being the village of Goostrey. Goostrey has a gooseberry show every year. I stopped to take a selfie at the village sign, and no surprises, it started raining. Rain jacket was retrieved from my rack bag. I took the direct route back home. Sadly I received verbal abuse from a van driver who obviously assumed that "right of way" does not apply to cyclists. I think that I had the right to swear at him, rather than the other way round. I only saw 5 other cyclists today. 26 miles done, with very warm hands and feet. I may put more merino socks on my Christmas list.
Here is Ann's report It was an unusually mild day for December, but despite the lack of frost and snow I soon got into the Christmas spirit by wishing all passing cyclists a 'Merry Christmas' ! What a great day to be out cycling - December..... and having to take layers off because I was too warm! I did 24 miles in a stop/start fashion because of my deliveries, and I'm sure Billie would approve of using the bike instead of Royal Mail - cheaper too! I did this ride alone but still loved every minute of being on my bike.
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News 17th December 2015
Dee Wilkinson was out again on Thursday riding 18 miles around Leighton Buzzard for stage 351.
Here is Dee's report My miles for today, dry, warm and bit of a Breeze! Enjoyed looking at Xmas decorations in gardens - now I know where the good ones are I'll take pics tomorrow!
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