Week 52 News 24-30th December 2015
News 30th December 2015
Wet Wednesday, the penultimate day of the Tribute ride, saw Anne Hunt completing a 12 mile ride around Hemel Hempstead and Sarah Smith riding 5 rainy miles around Watford for stage 364.
News 29th December 2015
On Tuesday 8 year old Bean Frost with her mum Becky rode another 6 miles on the Tonbridge - Penshurst cycle route, and brave Anne Hunt, thinking noone else had turned out, went for a spin after work around St Albans Green Ring in the dark viewing the floodlit Cathedral for stage 363.
News 28th December 2015
On Monday Terry Garret rode 31 miles from Central London to Barnes and return Nadjie Butler was out again and rode 28 miles from Woodford Bridge to Toot Hill and back,Rachael Jermyn rode 40 miles around Loughorough and Lesley Keddy rode 14 miles around Leatherhead for stage 362.
Here is Rachael's report I didn't manage the full 48 miles yesterday, I ran out of time.I managed 40 but can't work out how to load it up to the website.
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News 27th December 2015
On Sunday Amelia Richardson together with her daughter Martha and neighbour Ann rode around 15 miles, Anne Hunt rode 17 miles on her commute to work at Watford Hospital and Nadjie Butler rode 35 miles from High Beech, Essex to Sawbridgeworth and back, Maggie Maundrell rode 68 solo tribute miles in Hampshire for stage 361.
Here is Amelia's report Despite rain when I looked out of the window, we'd planned a ride and we were riding! I hadn't ridden for 2 weeks due to a back injury and with Christmas dinner etc I was keen! So, I went with my daughter Martha and neighbour Ann. We'd planned to do around 28 miles, but decided on 20. Ann had a wet, muddy puncture, we carried on but Martha and I cut short as she was then freezing (she's only 12!) So we did 15 miles , Ann carried on only to get another puncture! Anyway, we were out and even though we were soaked it was great to be out!
Here is Maggie's report 67.9 miles. Christchurch, Merley, Happy Bottom, Corfe Mullen, Lychett Matravers, Sandford, Wareham, West Holme (Coffee stop), West Morden, Sturminster Marshall, Wimborne Minster, West Parley, Christchurch.
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News 26th December 2015
On Boxing Day Susan Dowling rode 36 mile loop around Bexley and Orpington in Kent, 8 year old Bean Frost on her new Bike together with her mum Becky rode 6 miles and Amanda Wowk rode in Yorkshire for stage 360. Amanda's report is awaited.
Here is Sue's report The first thing I noticed as my ride began was how everyone had woken up from from their Christmas slumber and the peace of the day before was shattered. The traffic was queuing at Dartford crossing towards Essex so back to normal there.I am I the only one that finds it sad that after all the preparations and planning that goes into this holiday that it is over in a day and everyone is back to shopping? anyway I digress.For today's ride I decided to combine the ride and a visit to a friend who happens to live in Hayes, Kent which is again another town that I believe that Billie visited.My route again took me over the M25 and the contrast as mentioned above was very different from the day before. I could have used a more direct route that would have gone along busy roads and through Orpington (another Town visited by Billie) but opted for a more scenic ride through the countryside, skirting a busy retail park and then out to the High North Downs. In Chelsfield I passed straw bale man with his cheery Christmas greeting then it was on the village of Downe which was the home of Charles Darwin through the village of Keston before arriving at Hayes after enjoying a visit and catching up with my friend I was homeward bound travelling back due to the darkness by a more direct route.Another satisfying day in the saddle battling the elements on a blustery but fortunately dry and otherwise mild day.
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News 25th December 2015
On Christmas Day Jacqui on a hired bike rode a 26 mile circuit along the coast road in Goa India, Anne Hunt completed a 24 mile early morning ride from Leverstock Green to Whipsnade Zoo and Carol and Dave Birch rode a 25 mile circuit around Kibworth in Leicestershire and Sue Dowling rode a 27 mile loop around Kent for stage 359.
Here is Carol's report Christmas Day started well here, quite warm and for once not very windy. So Dave and I got our bikes out after breakfast and did a 25 mile circuit from home on 25th December. The route was Kibworth, East langton, Thorpe Langton, Welham, Weston by Welland, Ashley, Middleton, Bringhurst, Drayton, Medbourne, Slawston, Cranoe, Tur Langton and back to Kibworth. We saw a few other cyclists, walkers and joggers; very few cars so almost had the roads to ourselves. It started to rain about 5 miles from home but we didn't get very wet. Back home by 11 am with plenty of time to deliver some presents and then prepare for an evening Christmas dinner with some of the family
Here is Sue's report One of the great pleasures of riding out on Christmas Day is the feeling of calm & tranquillity out on the road. I decided that I would ride out to Shoreham in Kent which was one of the places that Billie visited earlier in the year and Gill Harker and I had passed through on one of the anniversary days in Tribute. As I set of the weather was dark and drizzly but I had made a commitment to ride so off I set. As I rode over the notorious car park that is also known as the M25 I could not help but note how quiete it was. Once over the the motorway it was not long before I was enjoying the peace of the country lanes. Although the enjoyment was somewhat tested at times when pushing the through strong winds and at one point some sharp stinging rain. On solo cycles there is a lot of time to think and ponder and as I passed by the festively decorated houses I wondered about the scenes inside all warm and cosy while some happy but mad women rode past their houses either admiring or thinking their decorations were way OTT. I passed several walkers and shared Christmas greetings. One thing that struck me admittedly I did go out late in the day was that it was not until I was almost home was that I had not passed any fellow cyclists once back in my home town I saw three people on bikes passing in the opposite direction all dressed in black and not a light between them. Darkness had fallen long before I had reached home but with all the thousands of twinkling fairy lights it just gave the ride a little more magic and sparkle. I completed the ride with with a little detour to the River Thames then home for my belated Christmas Dinner.
Here is Anne's report My ride was solo on Christmas day - 23.63 miles, I set off early as I knew the kids would be up late having gone to bed at 1am. I cycled via the lanes to Whipsnade but returned on the Leighton Buzzard Road as I could see the rain clouds over Ivinghoe Beacon.
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News 24th December 2015
On Christmas Eve Jacqui hired a bike and rode 17 miles around Goa in India, Christine Bell together with a mixed group from the Otley Cycle Club inluding 4 other ladies rode 27 miles from Otley to Bolton Abbey and return, and 5 ladies from the Chippenham Wheelers led by Rachel Clarkson rode 25 miles around the Wiltshire lanes all for stage 358.
Here is Rachael's report Despite the rain, 26 Chippenham Wheelers met on the town bridge to ride around the Wiltshire lanes, wave to motorists on the M4 over a footbridge and drink in a local pub.Of these 26, the women who rode were: Rachel, Rachael, Susan, Emma and Margaret. We cycled 25 miles through some very muddy single track lanes, enjoying the freedom from pre Christmas preparations! About midway we cycles down a bridle way that any sensible would ride through with a mountain bike with chunky tyres, but we all gallantly ride through on our 23 road tyres and all succeeded without having to put our feet down in the mud/puddles. Once on the bridge we waved to lorry drivers making their way along the M4....whether this is legal is debatable but we didn't stay for long...just enough for a few hip flasks to be handed around. The ride then continued until we got to a local pub where we could all dry, some people's clothes dried more than others depending on the duration spent in the pub. The ride continued home after sustenance making 25 miles in all. Billie would have been proud of our spirit that day.
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